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Rental fees only for violin

We know how rewarding and exciting it can be to learn how to play an instrument; that is I am committed to starting you or your  child off right and giving you a positive rental experience.

Monthly payments are listed below plus a $5.00 protection fee

Violin Rental fee

Pay $20 per month plus $5 protection fee

What do I get for $20?
These brand-name instruments are in "like-new" condition. They have been or not previously rented and typically have been returned within a year.
  • Premier playing condition
  • Serviced to ensure the tuning pegs function properly
  • Any cracks have been professionally repaired

The violin is a stringed instrument played with a bow. It is far and away the most common stringed instrument for students, and is pitched higher than a cello.

How do I choose the right size for my child?

Like any instrument, the violin must be the right size for the student if the best results are to be achieved. There are guidelines for choosing a violin based on a child's age. I strongly recommend that you consult me for a size recommendation before purchasing an instrument. It is highly recommended to rent for the first three months to ensure that you or your child will continue with music study.

Policy on violin rental agreement

- Students will pay a monthly fee of $25 to use a WSFS owned instrument for the school Year.

- Parents and student assume liability for the instrument

during the school year.

- Any damage to the instrument while on issue to the student is the sole

responsibility of the student and parents.

- The user fee covers the ONLY the use of the instrument. The user fee does not

cover maintenance or damage repair.

- It is the parent’s or student’s responsibility to take the instrument to a music store to be repaired by a professional repair person in the event of malfunction or damage during the rental period.

- The instrument must be returned in the same condition as it was issued.

For more information please call or text at 413 297 2011 or email at zab4@aol.com